Ilya Sogonov, EA

Private investor, tax advisor in the U.S.

Ilya is more than 14 years in investments. He is EA (enrolled agent) and represents a client's interest in IRS. He provides services in tax preparation, planning, and resolution areas. He is in response to communications with clients too.
How can I help you

I serve clients' investment portfolios, based on Interactive Brokers LLC service (

I focus on several approaches in clients' asset management:
  • Passive investment and asset allocation on a wide range of funds in accordance with clients' tasks (ETF, mutual funds, closed-end-funds).
  • Value investment in the U.S., EU, and UK markets (stocks).
  • I am using derivatives (futures and options) too.
My public performances
There I was in "Markets. Position" TV show on RBC channel, where for a week I demonstrated great skills in short-term trading with derivatives.
Dialogues for MGIMO

Ilya Sogonov spoke about independent financial advisor, and asset management work in Russia.
TV Special Report: "Revenue 146%"

Ilya was talking about fraud and how to save wealth from scammers in investments.
Expert Club: "How to save wealth in crisis?"

How to save and grow wealth? How to defend assets from losses in financial markets? Which of the instruments are safer and promise more revenue?
"Personal financial planning and consulting market: 10 years in Russia"

Ilya participated in a discussion about professional requirements and standards in personal financial consulting services.
About me

I'm more than 14 years in investments, and 12 years I invest in a wide range of assets: from conservative (notes and bonds, issued in the U.S.) to aggressive (derivatives, options, cryptocurrencies, etc.) instruments. It helps me to be on one side with my clients because I always propose to clients investment solutions, which I used for my investment.

In 2019 I passed the Series 65 (Uniform Investment Adviser Law Examination) exam, which was prepared by NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association), and required by the most of states in the U.S. to propose investment advisor services (link on document).

Also, I passed all financial markets' qualification exams of the RCB (Russian central bank) (1.0 - 7.0 series).

I'm under the supervision of financial regulators in the EU and registered in an official public register of the CySEC (Cyprus security exchange commission). The record in the register is available here.
For finding me, it needs to download the file with the register, open it and press Ctrl+F. Further, input Sogonov or CN4422 in the search field. There is an "Advanced" level of qualification. It means, that I passed the exam, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program each year.

I graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of IT, and post graduated in 2014 with a Master of Financial analysis, accounting, and audit.

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