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About us

We are an international group of people with deep experience in finance. We propose investment services, bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax resolution, etc. Contain our services and products depending on the client's country of residence. Part of our services we realize through the network of our partners.
Our projects
Contain our services and products depending on the client's country of residence
Tax and Investments in the Upside Lab Advisors Inc.
RIA (registered investment advisor), bookkeeping, tax preparation, tax resolution, and tax planning in the U.S.
The brokerage account in the U.S. is the last chance to save money in a trustworthy place for Russian tax residents.
Investment service for CIS, MENA countries
Investment service provides only through a network of partners around the world.
The ICmetrica is the investment service proposed by BVI investment company IFCMARKETS. CORP. It works with brokerage accounts in Interactive Brokers, Exante, and Binance.
We help with 3-NDFL tax reports, foreign bank and brokerage accounts reporting, and declaration deductions
We live around the world, and we have enough experience for serving the most demanding needs
  • Co-owner
    Ilya is EA (enrolled agent) and represents a client's interest in IRS. He provides services in tax preparation, planning, and resolution areas. He is in response to communications with clients too.
  • Co-owner
    Evgeny is certified FRM and inspires the team to pay attention to the risk- and technology side. He maintains several investment strategies as a quantitative researcher and IT infrastructure and has excellent experience in financial risk.
  • Co-owner
    Dmitry has a great experience in the operational field, bookkeeping, and U.S. tax. He helps clients with open brokerage accounts.
  • Investment strategy developer
    Evgeny is the highest experience person on our team. He has more than 20 years of investment practice.
If you want to become our client, please, contact us on our services' pages (sites). For any other questions, contact us:
Email: info@upsidelab.global